La Solédad is for the woman who loves her freedom—unafraid to take that first step towards her dream destination. You can step out into the world in confidence and in style, because we got you! 

We create shoes that not only look and feel amazing; every pair is also an entirely new experience on its own. 

From unboxing to making that final step to your journey’s end, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the dedication of our local craftsmen and our ability to deliver fantastic customer experience. 

Every pair you buy from us is especially handmade and “heart-made.” From us to you. 


Each pair of La Solédad shoes is handmade and “heart-made” by local artisans in the province of Laguna. 

Crafted with love and care, we support our partner community’s long tradition of superior and high-quality shoemaking, making sure that we treat our team of artisans with fairness, respect and honesty. 

We’re deeply committed to working towards a better future for our community of sapateros. By collaborating with them, we are empowering them and helping them build their own sustainable livelihoods. 


Shoe shopping has always been a special bonding moment for sisters Jenny and Christine. They are also huge supporters of locally-made footwear and homegrown brands. 

However, Jenny would normally wander down the aisles of shoe stores for hours looking for that elusive pair of size-10 beauties. 

For Jenny, shoe shopping is like a game of scavenger hunt for the ample-footed. If only local brands carry women’s shoes all the way up to a size 11… 

This became a light-bulb moment for Jenny. She grabbed her ride-or-die partner-in-crime sister Christine, and armed with loads of ideas and even more passion, their first local shoe brand was introduced. 

But startups change paths on a dime, as do Jenny and Christine’s shoe business, which were met with branding and distributorship challenges along the way. So after a couple of stops and detours, La Solédad Studios finally came to be. 

From their very first pair of L.A. kitten heels to everyone’s favorite Manila full-abaca heels, La Solédad became a go-to brand for wearable wardrobe staples in timeless designs, made available in extended sizes and for a price that won’t hurt. 

As they say, the destination matters but it’s the journey that makes it all worthwhile. And for Jenny and Christine, finding their path was more an act of following their passion moment by moment than an act of searching, as this led them to discovering creative freedom, helping a local community of sapateros and simply doing what they love. 


"Every pair you buy from us is especially handmade and heart-made. For women, by women. From us, to you."



No two pairs of La Solédad shoes are alike. Each is unique and intricately handcrafted by our local artisans, from sewing to detailing the finishes.


Through our footwear, we want to inspire women to feel their best, just as we seek to empower our local community of sapateros / shoemakers by providing a platform to showcase what they do. 


At La Solédad, no request is too big or too small. Our in-store and online teams are dedicated to helping you find your perfect pair.  


At La Solédad, we’re passionate about creating quality, stylish and comfortable shoes at prices you will love. We immerse ourselves in the creative and manufacturing process to make sure you get the perfect pair of shoes for the life you want to live.


Our shoes capture elegant and timeless silhouettes, made with durable materials, handcrafted quality and versatility that goes well with any outfit. Each pair echoes our love for minimalist design and artisan craftsmanship, blending on-trend styles with your comfort in mind.


Our designs are inspired by the cities we love. As self-confessed travel junkies, we always take with us a piece of the place we love wherever we go. And this is what we’d love to share with you, too.

Our Story

"Wherever you wanna go, La Solédad will take you there--in style and comfort." 

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